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(This will be the first of a weekly series leading up to the regular season!)

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First Webinar: Sunday July 31, 3-5 PM ET 

Second Webinar: Tuesday, August 16th, 7-8 PM ET

FREE **Third Webinar: Wednesday, August 24th, 7-8 PM ET**


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Want to know where Le’Veon Bell is being drafted after his 3 game suspension? What other website can give you access to high stakes draft boards? Nelson has already been a part of 25 (25!!!) high stakes drafts and has the inside scoop on where players are going, lineups based on draft position, and much, much more!

Reasons to tune in:

  • This information is unique to scoutPRO as no other site has an expert who is as involved in high stakes drafts as Nelson

  • You will get up to date information on player ADPs (average draft position), team construction, lineup conflicts, etc.

  • You will get ALL your personal questions and draft concerns answered by a PROVEN FANTASY FOOTBALL EXPERT

  • Nelson will go through the ins-and-outs of the grind of the fantasy football season, and give you those insider tips and advice that you may have never thought about before!